Why choose Us

Why Choose Us

We intends to leverage local resources and procurement expertise to offer the best sourcing solutions to the buyers in Textile, Agriculture, Hardware & Building Material, Plastic Items and home appliances sector in general and customized requirments, We have a tie-up with various manufacturers equipped with latest machineries having requisite Quality Accreditations like ISO 9001-2008, PED and approved as registered suppliers in India and abroad.

Star Export House

An government recognized Star Export House derives benefits and allowances from the government Star export house is an Indian exporter who has excelled in international trade and successfully achieved certain minimum amount of export performance in two out of three financial years.

Cordial Relationships

We have close and cordial relationships with manufacturers and also the fact that we keep close tab on movement of various input prices, we are able to extract the best rates from them. Wherever possible we directly provide the material to them and get the products done on job work basis giving a good control over the quality.

Strict Inspections

More often than not, the manufacturers are very charitable and lenient with their productions. They gloss over their defects with a view to detecting the shortcomings become difficult and inconspicuous. We keep a close watch over the production of items ordered by us and also get strict inspections from the professional inspection team so that no items on the fence of tainted find the way to buyers ‘warehouses.

Active Logistics Connections

We have a very active logistics connections which enable procurement of logistic services and insurance coverage at discounted rates.Normally cost factored by the manufacturers would be much higher than actually would incident to us because of our efforts and connections which enable us to keep the expenses to the minimum.

Strict Compliance

We ensure strict compliance with the buyers’ specifications as regards: Machining, Marking, Head Treatment and Packing requirements.

Delivery Commitment

We ensure adherence to timely delivery and also give the correct status of he ordered material from time to time. We do not believe in misleading our buyers by giving vague or incorrect status of their ordered material as we understand that the buyers may also have the commitment to fulfil and their default regarding delivery of the material may expose them to penalties.

Special propositions

We have close and cordial relationships with manufacturers and alsp the fact that we keep close tab on movement of various input prices.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the basic criteria and essential part of our company leading to build the best business relationship in future by way of providing the best possible service.

Best pricing

Our company provides the best pricing policy to our customers for accommodating and fulfilling the requirements of the customer in most convenient and eficient manner.

Excellent service

Customer service has always been our first priority and essential part of our company, where we work for solving every problems of our customer as fast as possible.


Commitment is a legal promise to our customer reflecting our complete dedication for building the best business relationship in all terms.

Good Quality Product

Our organization work for providing better quality product ensuring the best predictable outcomes.

Customer relationship

Our company believes in building the customer relationship, by having the best interaction with the customers leading to strengthening of business relations in future.